Relativite Humidity This field provides the relative humidity (w.r.t. liquid water in % ).

Haleakala Weather Center

The MM5 Pages

Haleakala Summit @ 1 km Resolution


1st Line:
  • Dataset: The location and resolution of the image.
  • RIP: Field displayed.
  • Init: Initialization Dataset Hour.
2nd Line:
  • Fcst:Forecast Hour from Initialization
  • Valid:Time of Image in UTC[Univeral Time Coordinate] (Time of Image in LST(Local Standard Time))
3rd Line:
  • Field
  • at sigma=???: This is the sigma level (1.0 is the surface, 0 is the top of the atmosphere) The sigma levels are terrain conforming. Hence the elevation of the sigma level is different based on height of the terrain below it.
  • Sigma of .995 conforms to an Elevation of 36 meters (118 ft) above sea level and 3076 meters (10089 ft) at the Haleakala summit.
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