Wind This field provides the wind speed (in m/s (multiply by 2.24 to get mph or 1.94 to get knots)) and the direction (the direction the arrows are pointing) at the lowest sigma level of the model (.995, see sigma definition above).

Haleakala Weather Center

The MM5 Pages

Haleakala Summit @ 1 km Resolution


1st Line:
  • Dataset: The location and resolution of the image.
  • RIP: Field displayed.
  • Init: Initialization Dataset Hour.
2nd Line:
  • Fcst:Forecast Hour from Initialization
  • Valid:Time of Image in UTC[Univeral Time Coordinate] (Time of Image in LST(Local Standard Time))
3rd Line:
  • Field
  • at sigma=???: This is the sigma level (1.0 is the surface, 0 is the top of the atmosphere) The sigma levels are terrain conforming. Hence the elevation of the sigma level is different based on height of the terrain below it.
  • Sigma of .995 conforms to an Elevation of 36 meters (118 ft) above sea level and 3076 meters (10089 ft) at the Haleakala summit.
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